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Current Work:

Sanctioned Power

Who “sanctions” power? This question prompts a re-examination of the hierarchical entitlement we have long accepted. And yet what would happen if collectively we placed greater value on local relationships to strengthen one another? In Convergence Theatre’s latest art-inspiring-action experience, sanctioned power moves into a new immersive theatre journey, shared by and between audience and artists through ritual building, storytelling, charting and rhythmscape. sanctioned power questions the ways power affects us – how we hold it, when we are denied it, and how centering the collective health and well-being of the whole community builds a new form of sanctioned power that fosters transformative justice.


About Us

Convergence Theatre is a home for socially conscious artists who wish to spark dialogue between diverse communities through new theatrical structures. Convergence Theatre fosters a process-oriented arts collective that addresses widespread human struggles and unique cultural experiences by evolving theatre’s performance language through newly developed works.  By engaging in an interdisciplinary approach to dramatic creation, Convergence Theatre produces multi-sensory performances that invite a wide audience base, encouraging discourse and dialogue over issues of social conscience.


Guiding Principles

We believe that:

  • Theatre is evolutionary and revolutionary by nature; we must foster change in our expression and our thoughts. 
  • Focused work through diverse communication systems heightens the depth of our expressions.
  • By synthesizing many arts disciplines, we create engaging imagery and artistic vision that expands access.
  • All ages can develop a greater respect and understanding for their neighbor (local and global) through inward understanding of one’s own non-verbal communication.  
  • Through experiencing the stories of many cultures in an artistic spectrum we foster a greater appreciation for the uniqueness of other people while identifying our intersections. 
  • Collaboration through a creative ensemble yields the most compelling performances. 
  • Theatre, through its multi-disciplined nature, is essential to bridging understanding and compassion.  




Convergence Theatre aspires to create a new generation of theater artists and patrons whose understanding of human expression is fully realized through multilayered experiential communication, enhanced by various forms of the dramatic arts. The artists of Convergence Theatre hope to reach diverse audiences that span across ages and cultures by identifying and accentuating the universal experiences within symbol systems, thereby increasing civic engagement over issues of social justice and human rights. 

Convergence Theatre is a 501c3 nonprofit theatre collective. Your generous support helps us create artistic work through a mindful process that connects audiences, artists and social justice leaders to one another, strengthening our communities and relationships with one another. You can donate directly through PayPal, or if checks are preferred, they may be mailed to: 

5727 Larpin Lane, Alexandria, VA 22310.  Thank you for your support and faith in theatre’s impact to transform one another.